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REVER supports national and international projects in strategy, stakeholder engagement, supply chain and human rights. Among the methodologies that we apply together are:

  • SUPPLY CHAIN LEADERSHIP LADDERS: The Leadership Ladders tool helps to assess the level of maturity in supply chain management and guides the company towards best practices.

  • HUMAN RIGHTS DUE DILLIGENCE AND IMPACT ASSESSMENT: The UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights have emerged as the global standard for companies’ management of their human rights impacts. Our services focus on guiding companies from an entry-level understanding of human rights to a complete implementation of corporate human rights risk mitigation.

  • SUSTAINABILITY STRATEGY: We work with companies to understand the extent of existing management for material sustainability issues and assess their current state. Support we provide includes:

    - Form strategy by establishing ambition levels, creating goals, assigning resources, and setting a roadmap.
    - Achieve these ambitions and goals through effective integration and implementation of strategy.
    - Define metrics, understand impacts, and report ambition, results, and broader outcomes.


A leading sustainability agency and think tank in Europe, Utopies specializes in marketing and sustainability.

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