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Our learnings and achievements

Rever is a B Corporation

REVER is proud to be a B Corporation and play a part in the global community of organizations that use the power of business to solve social, environmental, and economic problems. B Corporations redefine the meaning of success, seeking not only to be the best in the market, but also the best for the market.

The certification requires a rigorous assessment of social and environmental aspects of company operations and a commitment to transparency. The process has shown us a path to continually improve our impact.


Being part of this movement shows us that, even though there is still a lot to be done, we are on the right path.


Click here to access our Impact B Report


REVER is a United Nations Global Compact signatory since 2014.


As a signatory, we annually report our performance at the COP (Communications of Progress).

Click here to access it.


Be Antiracist

The worsening of social inequalities during the pandemic and the #blacklivesmatter protests that have mobilised the world highlight structural racism in our society. In order to address this reality, we understand that our role and responsibility must be to actively promote racial equality. 

We have joined the #SejaAntirracista (#BeAntiracist) movement, promoted by B Corps and ID_BR (Instituto Identidades Brasil) – a campaign to encourage companies and people to recognise that black lives matter. It is not enough to be non-racist: we must be antiracist and adopt antiracist practices in our daily lives.

REVER commits to advance racial equality actively seeking to hire our first black employee, to participate in racial education and awareness initiatives, and to support companies and projects led by people of colour or related to the advancement of the antiracist agenda in Brazil.

seja antirracista.PNG

To read the Be Antiracist Manifesto, join the movement, and for more information, click here.

Pé de Feijão

A social impact business created by the REVER team to transform people’s understanding of food and nutrition practices. Supported by the by Yunus Foundation, Quintessa, AbeLLha and Artemísia, Pé de Feijão uses urban gardens to engage corporations and communities in creating a healthy lifestyle.

Click here to know more about Pé de Feijão!


Commitment to neutralize historic emissions

Climate change is currently one of the main challenges to achieving the global goals of sustainable development. As a B Corp and also an agent of social change, Rever believes it must be part of the movement to accelerate the reduction of carbon emissions by 2030.

We carried out our second emissions inventory to understand our footprint in 2020. As we started to work in the home office model due to the pandemic, our emissions had a significant reduction, and the inventory for the year indicated a footprint of 3.50 tons of CO2e, which represented a decrease of approximately 82% in relation to the previous year.


This was an opportunity for us to think of more ambitious ways to contribute to the theme! Therefore, we decided to neutralize our historic emissions since 2005, the year in which Rever was founded, following the example of some companies that are a reference in the subject. We will do this over the next two years. Our goal is to finalize this neutralization by 2023. Initially, we are going to neutralize the total of 30 tons of CO2e, which will occur with the restoration of 767 square meters of Atlantic Forest done by the Green Initiative in the Serra da Mantiqueira. The restoration will be carried out by the Green Initiative (Iniciativa Verde) in the Serra da Mantiqueira region, a mountain chain of extreme importance for the production of water that supplies the Cantareira System, responsible for bringing water to 8.8 million people in the metropolitan region of São Paulo.

Annual matchfunding campaign

As a way to encourage and enhance our team's contribution to solving the numerous social and environmental challenges we face, Rever is committed to annually conducting a donation campaign in the form of matchfunding.

In this campaign, we allow each member of our team to choose the organizations they want to support, as long as their work is clearly related to some social or environmental cause in line with our values and after ensuring they are reputable organizations.

Following the matchfunding model, once donations have been made, Rever directs the same amount donated by each team member to the respective chosen organizations.

In the 2021 campaign, a total of 9 organizations received our contributions. The issues addressed by such organizations include education, access to food, sanitation, environment and others.

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