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A leading sustainability agency and think tank in Europe, Utopies specializes in marketing and sustainability.


Through the formation of a joint venture, Utopies Brasil, we focus on the areas of externalities, brand, and innovation. Methodologies applied in the region include:

  • GENUINE VALUE® and LOCAL FOOTPRINT® : Knowing and understanding a company’s impacts is essential to manage them. Genuine Value® and Local Footprint® are management tools that allow us to prioritize externalities to address in the sustainability strategy. They also inform valuation to determine the Social Return on Investment (SROI).

  • POSITIVE BRAND®: Purpose is at the heart of successful brands. Sustainability efforts make purpose a reality. Positive Brand takes the company through a process to define and promote their brand purpose.

  • LEX and IDEAMAKER: For companies to adapt to fast changing landscape of global challenges, sustainability needs to be a part of innovation. To inspire creativity and orient collaborators, LEX and IDEAMAKER are different solutions to accelerate and develop an innovative environment.

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