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How to leverage the private sector to combat deforestation?

The Collaboration of Forest and Agriculture (collaboration between WWF, TNC ,NWF, and Moore Foundation) sought to mobilize the private sector to put into practice company commitments to combat deforestation and conversion.


Our Strategy

  • Develop “Operational Guidance” for how companies can implement their deforestation commitment which includes:

  • A Deforestation & Conversion Free (DCF) Assessment Tool according to supply chain management best practice to identify accomplishments and gaps in company performance

  • A DCF Implementation Plan that lays out specific, achievable milestones for companies to achieve deforestation free supply

  • A compilation of DCF Technical References that consolidates relevant tools and guidelines for specific challenges that a company faces

Methodologies and Tools

  • DCF Operational Guidance

  • Leadership Ladder (Maturity level assessment)

  • Global sustainable supply benchmarking

  • Stakeholder interviews

  • Facilitation of multi-lateral meetings

Our Impact

  • Developed the DCF Opeartional Guidance included as an integral part of the global standard, Accountability Framework, for achieving deforestation free supply in South America

  • DCF Implementation Plans for several global organizations, to turn their operations deforestation free in the coming years

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