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How to structure and plan a local sustainability strategy in accordance with global guidelines?

Toyota Brazil wanted to align practices with headquarters guidelines and external references such as ISO 26000. The challenge: how to innovate within a sector that has taken a traditional philanthropic approach.


Our Strategy

  • Understand the expectations of external stakeholders

  • Use the international reference ISO 26000 to convey basic concepts

  • Present benchmarking of best practices found in the sector

  • Work with pre-existing internal tools within the company

Methodologies and Tools

  • ISO 26000 due diligence mapping gaps and opportunities

  • Benchmarking

  • Difusion and engagement workshops


  • Internal decision making and planning tools

  • Leadership approval

Our Impact

  • Rebalance of CSR positioning in the environmental and social pillars

  • Definition of a clear direction for the foundation

  • Redefinition of the communication strategy aimed for internal audiences, suppliers, dealerships, and customers

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