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How to establish a practical approach to Human Rights?

Braskem sought to assess Human Rights risks and strengthen performance following the Ruggie Framework.


Our Strategy

Methodologies and Tools

  • Assess risks and opportunities in operations and in the value chain

  • Map risk management mechanisms

  • Analyze gaps in governance

  • Identify global best practices

  • Recommend action to reduce risk

  • BSR’s proprietary Human Rights Impact Assessment Tool

  • Ruggie framework

  • Stakeholders interviews

  • Benchmarking

  • Risk and opportunity matrix

  • Gap analysis

  • Action plan

  • Leadership sessions

Our Impact

  • Braskem identified management and value chain human rights risks

  • Engagement and training of internal staff aligning different departments on how to address human rights risks

  • Identification and prioritization of risks of human rights violation to be prevented

  • Opportunities identified to promote human rights

  • Mobilization of resources to improve human rights performance

  • Inclusion of Human Rights aspects in sustainability efforts

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